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"Every Cup
is a Journey"

Please be aware for your health.  Our products may contain traces of nuts, spices and dairy.
Hi Everyone!

I am a one woman owned business. I started this adventure because like you, I am obsessed with tea, and I want to share all I can with you on this journey. Tea is good for you, quenches your thirst and it's not fattening! What's not to love!

I am also in awe at the history and longevity of tea, and their amazing flavors.  Each one has such a individual personality. I hope you'll find some new favorites and maybe discover, some new things along the way.

On the last note I'd like to thank you for your interest in my teas, and I do hope you enjoy. 


Tracy Seitzinger
Owner of Blue Raven Tea
Please email me at TheBlueRavenTea@aol.com
At Blue Raven Tea we are adding new tea varieties regularly. 
Be sure to visit us often to find your best tea selection.
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Tea is
Good For You!
- Quenches thirst
- Not fattening
- Individual taste
- high in antioxidants
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